Is “To provide the best learning Atmosphere” for the learners.

We at “Siri Shrine” Understand the need of the young generation and the campus is planned accordingly. The core purpose of establishing this campus is to setup a homely atmosphere with all modern facilities.


Is to create a brand image at the state and national level for giving our country, the future Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers, Charted Accountants, Young Politicians, Teachers, Entrepreneurs and many more, who are well prepared to face the future challenges.

Our institute will constantly make efforts to give more focus in enhancing teaching and learning systems. We do understand a lot needs to be done bringing creativity and critical thinking in our curriculum, which will further inculcate skills to enable. Our students will demonstrate higher level of expertise.

“I truly believe in promoting the philosophy of team building, leadership, creating an effective staff development program and encouraging continuous professional development”.

I always aim to transform the lives of learners from imposed, monotonous, tedious college work to interesting and ever imposing experience of learning with joy.

Mr. Purushothaman M. Reddy,

MSc, M.Ed., CIDTT.
Academician & Researcher.